Folding Lamp

Thomas Hick


Minimalist, Sophisticated Design

Each pre-dotted line and fold has been carefully designed to reflect light in unimaginable ways. You are invited to live this experience and be part of the journey by creating your own.

Premium Manufacturing

The sheet of metal is laser cut with high precision for a premium result.

Vintage LED Lighting

A high-end bulb with LED “Filaments” provides a warm light for an intimate ambiance.

Power Availability

Living abroad? No problem, the lamp is shipped including a EU, US or UK plug, and works with 110V-240V.


Once folded, the lamp is 35cm (14″) wide and 25cm (10″) high and includes a two meter power cord (78″).

Colors & Materials

The lamp is produced using high-end materials and colors to match your interior. See below for more detail.

Touch Control

A touch sensor will let you control the light intensity just by delicately touching anywhere on the lamp.


You start from a blank sheet of metal, fold it the way you want, put a light inside and you have just created your own design lamp. As a result, each lamp is unique and personal.
For a more personal experience, the lamp can be switched on/off with a simple touch.

Matches, Your Style & Interior

The Folding Lamp comes in 4 versions to match your style and your interior. The available materials and colors are respectively Matt Black & Gold, Matt White & Gold, Matt White & Copper and Brushed Steel & Red Chilli.

The lamp includes a 2m power cord to give you maximum flexibility in placing the lamp in your home.


The lamp material is a 0.6mm (0.024″) stainless steel sheet 48cm wide and 48cm (19″) long. The lamps are made in Belgium, Europe and meet European safety standards. They include a touch sensor, a high-end LED filament bulb, EU, US or UK plugs, and works with 110V-240V.

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About, Thomas Hick

I’m a Belgian architect living in Ghent. After spending many years living and working in New Zealand, I came back to Belgium where I work in a large architecture office on projects of various scales and uses.

The idea of the folding lamp came when I decided to surprise a close friend of mine who was getting married with a personalized gift. I used to play around with paper and geometrical forms before, so I took the challenge of creating something beautiful from a plain sheet of metal.

Due to other priorities, this project was put on hold for a while. One day, seeing my kids play creatively with scissors and paper it got me thinking about this forgotten project and inspired me to re-launch it.

My vision is to create a crowdsourcing platform where people can bring their own designs and create their personalized lighting. The role of the platform will be to convert these designs into products by offering manufacturing, marketing and distribution services.

Thank you for supporting this project!


Folding Lamp

Folding Lamp is a product helped brought to life by M4KE.IT The company helps entrepreneurs and inventors build their projects in the fields of connected devices and mobile applications.

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